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A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) – Horror Movie Review

Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund in one of the better scenes from, A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)!

Really the 1980s saw the rise of the horror movie villain as a member of popculture history… Back then you saw the rise of,’Michael Myers’ from Halloween slashing his way in to theaters and in to history! Jason Voorhees and his machete became one of the most popular horror movie villains of all time… And there is so many more!

But in 1984 saw the rise of maybe one of the greatest horror movie villains of all time, ‘Freddy Kruger’ and the growth of some insanely big names in horror movies and in general! (Johnny Depp became a household name when he did this movie!)

That is of course Wes Craven’s (The Hills Have Eyes) classic, A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)!

Written & Directed by: Wes Craven (Scream). Starring Robert Englund (Eaten Alive), Heather Langenkamp (Shocker), Johnny Depp (Pirates Of The Carribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl), Amanda Wyss (Murder In The First), Jsu Garcia (The Wayshower), Ronee Blakely (A Return To Salem’s Lot) & John Saxon (Battle Beyond The Stars).

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.” – Children (A quote from: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984).)

This is the tale of a mistake that happened along time ago coming back to haunt the children of the parents on Elm Street!

The mistake the parents try to forget… And the kids are literally dying to find out about!

You see years ago a man by the name of Fred Krueger (Played by: Robert Englund) had settled in the quiet small town of Springwood Ill… Now Fred was something else… You see, he was the bastard son of 1,000 maniacs! And had terrorized the community taking children away for his horrible purposes!

Ultimately Fred was caught, but on a technicality he was released to continue his reign of terror! Well that was when the angry parents of Elm Street had finally had enough! They chased him in to the place where he was taking all of the kids to their deaths and trapped him in there… And decided to set the place on fire!

Now you would think this woild have been enough, that the parents on elm street could sleep easy… Well of course they can’t!

Tina Grey (Played by Amanda Wyss) is the first victim in Freddy’s crusade to get revenge on the parents that destroyed him!

When the children of the parents who torched this maniac start dying in their sleep, in weird ways… Is it Freddy Krueger coming back for revenge or something far worse?

And in the end, it will be up to this group of highschoolers to figure out who is taking them out and how to stop this dream demon before they all die!

What can I say, this movie is legendary… I really honestly can’t say anything bad about it! Wes Craven and the cast and crew of this movie did such a great job… That now that Robert Englund has retired the glove… Newline is having difficulty bringing Freddy back to the big screen!

Every single cast member in this movie was catapulted in to horror movie history because the amazing job they did on this film!

This movie has helped jumpstart the careers of everyone who was apart of it! (Well with the exception of the adults…) But Amanda Wyss would go on to Brat Pack fame… Heather Langenkamp went on to become a horror and science fiction legend because of the work she did in this film… Jsu Garcia has popped up all over the place for decades… And then there is Johny Depp…

Now I truly think that if he had not done this movie… He may not have ended up doing basically anything! What I mean by this, is that at the point when Wes Craven was casting this film, Mr. Depp was really more of a musician, and had gone to the audition to support his friend Jackie Earle Haley (The Watchmen), who was audition for the role of ‘Glenn’…

Well as irony would have it, Mr. Depp got the role in the movie… And went on to superstardom… Jackie Earle Haley went on to stardom and would end up playing, ‘Freddy Krueger’ in the failed 2010 remake!

Well Jackie Earle Haley’s, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ movie may not have made it… But if it wasn’t for Johnny Depp supporting him in his audition for Wes Craven’s origina film… Johnny Depp may not have had the career he did!

In the end, this is a truly amazing movie! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! It still has some great thrills and chills, and a funny story to!

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