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Hell In Space is a collaborative effort to discuss the very best and very worst movies in the horror and science fiction genres… As well as all of their sub-genres!


We try to provide the best, most up-to-date information on horror and science fiction movies! We will also do our best to give an accurate historical narrative to the wonderful selection of horror and science fiction movies of the past and those people that helped make them possible!


So prepare yourself! If you are a horror fan, or a science fiction fan, it is our goal at Hell In Space to be the number one multimedia website in the world!


And speaking of multimedia, please enjoy our wonderful upcoming reviews of classic and modern horror and science fiction (Hopefully this will help you guys find something to watch!) We hope you will find our blogs on the genres to also be informative and entertaining!


And finally, we hope you will also enjoy our upcoming, ’podcast from hell’!


So prepare yourself! Because in the world of Sci-fi and horror… Well… In space no one can here you scream!

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