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About Us

Horror & Science Fiction are some of the greatest most underrated genre’s out there when it comes to the mainstream world that personally prefers a, ‘Channing Tatum’ movie over something classic… Like, ‘Lethal Weapon’… Or the such!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of Channing Tatum’s films.  The problem with the work of Channing Tatum and his type of acting and films and the like is that they generally don’t have a whole ton of substance in them!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that horror and science fiction when it comes to substabtial films have the same level of, ‘substance’… But they have a different type of substance, that alot of the modern more bubble gum films tend to lack!

And the fans of the horror and science fiction genre’s generally I have found tend to be a more loyal bunch of fans.  You will see them go and watch a classic horror movie or science fiction movie on the big screen late at night… Etc… They are also at the various conventions, loving their chance to spend their hard earned money to talk to, and get the signiture of one of their heroes or heroins who have fought, ‘Freddy’ or, ‘Jason’ on the big screen!

So where as this site is definitely done with love from a devotee of the world of horror and science fiction for the fans of those genres… This site is also dedicated toward educating the next generation of fright fiends, and out of this world fans… And keeping these amazing genre’s alive!

If you are new to these genre’s I thought that you would enjoy these movie trailers to a couple of great horror movies and science fiction films that are truly awesome!

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