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Alternate History On TV And In Media… A Highly Under Utilized But Still Awesome Sub-genre!

An alternate history faux-documentary about the history oft he Confederacy!

Now before I begin, let me say this… Now alternate history is a form of media and sort of some what sub-genre in just about all of the genres… You see alternate history is a fictional look at how real life events could have happened differently.

What I mean by this… Ok, so like lets take, ‘World War 2’… Now we all know what happened there… The allies won, the Nazi’s lost… Hitler killed himself in his bunker… Etc…

Well what if D-Day was a flop, and the Axis powers won the war, and carved up the conquered nations?

An aging Reinhard Heydrich… A famous Nazi who died during world war 2, but lived in to a 1960s world, where the allies lost and the Nazis one!

Well you get movies like, Fatherland (1994), that investigated that very topic, and TV shows like, ‘Man In The High Castle’ that also investigated that topic as well!

Or what would have happened if some one had come to save the lives of Sharon Tate (Fearless Vampire Killers) and the friends she had with her at the house where they were all murdered by the Manson family?

Now I am sure that there are other ones out there… And there certainly are those in novel form that are pretty awesome!

One of the many classics out there!

Honestly, though… I am a little shocked that there are not more alternate history movies out there! What I mean is that, alternate history is a great medium to investigate and explore! The films are fun and the tv shows are awesome! And in truth… Although I do know there are some whiners out there that complain about the evils of it all… But let me put that to rest ok?

Now I am only using these as examples, because they are the only two that I know of right now… But I find Nazis disgusting, I know the holocaust happened and I find that to be a travesty! And frankly if Sharon Tate’s life had been saved… A lot of people would have lived better lives because of it… Including her!

So unless you have some idiotic hang ups, check these out and see what I mean… And maybe you will ask why people don’t get more involved in making more alternate history movies as well!

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