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B-Science Fiction Movies… Give Them A Chance, They Are Amazing!

Starcrash (1978)… A great example of a fantastic, ‘B’ science fiction film!

So, alot of people generally tend to believe that B movies are just not great films… Well, I can tell you that, that is pretty far away from the truth!

Never judge a book by its cover… There are a ton of great b movies from many great genres out there that people truly love! Hell in the horror genre there are entire sub-genres that are created around the whole B Movie concept!

And then there is the whole concept of the Grindhouse, exploitation series of sub genre films… Blaxploitation films such as, Blacula (1972), Revengesploitation films like, I Spit On Your Grave (1978)… And some great Ozploitation like the movie I am going to be doing a review soon for, Occupation (2018)!

Blacula (1972)… A great example of a Blaxploitation, ‘B’ Horror movie!

And then there are some truly great B-Science Fiction films out there… Laserblast (1978), Starcrash (1978) And Battle Beyond The Stars (1980)… And so much more!

Now you maybe wondering why these movies are truly great… First off, yeah it is true, they very often, have cheesy dialouge, actors that no one has ever heard of… Etc… But you know what? That is why we love them!

In our overly homogenized movie world… Where let’s be honest… The modern A list movie industry is mostly being carried by Disney and the Marvel gang… There is something nice about the simplicity about watching a nice indy film!

Avengers movies are fun, but… Alot of the time there is strong similarity in how these movie are made… And some times it is fun to just a good ole fashion B movie!

You see, crews on these films don’t have the luxury of hiring Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Infinity War) for literally everything that is coming out. So they are going to hire that talent who is still at that level where they are putting extra effort in to everything they are in!

They are very often low budget… And yet 9 times out of 10 the special effects in these films, whether they are older B-Movies or are newer films… They usually have insanely great special effects when you consider the technology they have available to them.

Finally, the direction… So most of the time a B-Movie Director is making this movie because in some capacity or another, these guys or girls love these types of movies, and it shows!

In the end, there is many reasons to see a great B Sci-fi Movie, these are just a few, and I hope you guys will check out these trailers and maybe find a new subgenre to enjoy!

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