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‘B’ Star ships, Cheesy As Hell But Still More Advanced Than The Present Space Craft! – #SciFi #Movie #Blog

Elon Musk’s new spacecraft may look like something out of a B Movie… But it is still more advanced.

If you are like me, then you have grown up watching all sorts of horror and science fiction movies… whether it be, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Star Wars’ or even, ‘Alien’… To the more classic, ‘B’ science fiction movies like, ‘The Man From Planet X’, ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’ or even, ‘Laserblast’!

Have you ever noticed that in no matter what type of science fiction movie you watch… Whether it is a movie that came out in 1954 or a movie that came out in 2014… That those spaceships are always more advanced than the ones that we have today?

Now I am not complaining… Real world science generally tends to be slower on the uptake than their science fiction counterparts… And the truth is, that there are some aspects of technology that have surpassed what we have seen in science fiction… Here is an example:

The modern laptop computer is far more advanced then the computer core of the original U.S.S. Enterprise!
  1. The current home computers have surpassed the computer on the ‘Star Ship Enterprise’ in really either the original TV series or the movies with Captain Kirk.

That is an example of one of the things that we have actually surpassed… And there is a ton of things that both B and regular Sci-fi Star Ships may still have ahead of our own…

But you know what? It is true that most star ships you see in B movies are still ahead of us… But when it comes to Space Ship design, we are definitely ahead of the game then some of the spaceships as seen in some movies…

And we are also catching up to them in many technological ways! For more information on some of the ships that I am talking about, please see the trailers for these movies:

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