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Candyman (1992) – Horror Movie Review

Candyman… One of the better horror movies to come out of the 1990s!

Ok, so in the 80s we saw a kind of significant renaissance in the world of the horror movie…

Where as there had definitely been some definitive horror movies that had made it in to the mainstream pretty successively before the 1980s, (Psycho (1960) being a great example of this…) The world had not really seen the level of mainstream acceptance of horror in the 1980s, since the era of the Universal Monster movie.

But in the 1980s we saw the formation of not just a renaissance in horror, but we also saw a major uptick in the creation of franchises, such as: ’A Nightmare On Elm Street’, ’Hellraiser’, ’Child’s Play’… And although this movie franchise did not start in the 1980s… It was in my opinion the last franchise to be created off of the momentum generated from that fervor for horror!

That movie being, Candyman (1992)!

Written by: Clive Barker (Hellraiser), Bernard Rose (Frankenstein) & Directed by: Bernard Rose. Starring: Tony Todd (The Crow), Virigina Madsen (Highlander 2: The Quikening), Xander Berkley (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) & Kasi Lemmons (Silence Of The Lambs).

“They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What’s blood for if not for shedding? With my hook for a hand, I’ll split you from your groin to your gullet. I came for you.“ – Candyman (A quote from: Tony Todd from the movie, Candyman (1992).)

In Chicago, Helen Lyle (played by: Virginia Madsen) and her friend Bernadette Walsh (Played by: Kasi Lemmons) are researching for their thesis about urban legend in the University of Illinois, where Helen’s husband Trevor Lyle gives classes.

Helen becomes obsessed by the legend of the Candyman (Played by: Tony Todd), a son of slaves whose father became rich in 1890 after inventing a device for mass producing of shoes.

The educated Candyman was an artist, but when the daughter of a powerful man got pregnant of him, her father hired some men to kill him.

The man who is about to become the, ‘Candyman’!

The Candyman “lives” in the legend that says that he would appear if his name is spoken five times in front of the mirror, and the skeptical Helen attempts to summon Candyman. Helen and Bernadette go to Cabrini Green, where two unsolved murders had happened, and the dwellers blame Candyman for the crimes as Helen tries to prove his existence.

This movie is pretty amazing… I mean CGI is cool, but pre-cgi in some ways was better, and the special effects that created the world of, ‘Candyman’ was pretty awesome!

And the story that is based on the works of Clive Barker is pretty amazing!

Candyman started off as a short story called, ‘The Forbidden’ by Clive Barker in Volume 5 of, ‘Books Of Blood’!

This movie would also help cement the careers or further the careers of such greats as: Tony Todd, who would become a horror movie legend, Virginia Madsen, who still acts in some of the biggest name projects, and Xander Berkley, who is practically a household name!

The only problem I really have with this movie, and it is really more the franchise… Is that they stopped making Candyman movies at the height of the franchises popularity! Check it out! It is well worth it!

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