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Classic Horror Is Truly Amazing… But So Is Modern Horror To!

You can never be classic horror… But updated is good to!

Ok, so my interests and beliefs when it comes to my horror movie tastes are constantly evolving… Now I am always going to love classic horror… I mean classic horror is brilliant and is going to always have a classic element that most modern horror movie filmmakers don’t have!

That is… You guessed it! Suspense!

You look at movies like The Burning (1981), or Friday The 13th (1980)… Or even Psycho (1960), or Halloween (1978)… There is one thing that the trailblazing filmmakers of these classic horror movie not only knew how to do, but they knew how to do incredibly well!

A classic scene from, Friday The 13th (1980)

And that is create a sense of suspense! I mean in some cases, if you hadn’t seen the movie, already about 200 times, you would not know for certain that they were going to die… And then in some cases you would know that they were all going to die!

And the other thing about classic horror… The gore factor is not so overwhelmingly intense!

If this scene had been filmed in the early part of the new millennium… There would be one of those huge semi trucks carrying an 1,800 gallon drum of blood… And this would have been filmed in Olympic sized pool so that they could use it all!

Don’t get me wrong… I am not some one who faints at the the sight of blood or anything… But in older horror movies, you could see cuts, and you can see blood… But what you didn’t see was these overwhelming gushers coming out… Sometimes it is like if some one gets a paper cut in some of the modern horror movies… Like, Halloween 2 (2009)… That tiny wound became like a fountain flow of blood!

And so with that said, whereas I do think that the classic older horror movies are great… I also think the more modern horror movies are fun to!

Now when I first started trying out modern horror movies i started out with remakes… ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Halloween’ and the lot… And where as these films are mostly fairly decent… They just never really, ‘wow’d’ me!

Leatherface from, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), probably the best of the remakes!

But in more recent times I have been catching up with alot of the horror movies that have come out over the last few years… And there are a ton that are pretty awesome! Such films as: Survival Of The Dead (2009), Flight 666 (2018) and, Rings (2017)!

They are good because honestly as time goes on, I feel like the more suspenseful attributes that helped make horror movies of the past so awesome, are starting to catch up to the modern day… And the overwhelming and some times incredibly pointless gore fest that has made some modern horror movies to difficult to watch is being toned down alot… And that modern horror movies are starting to get better and better!

For more information on what I am talking about, please enjoy some of these trailers for both older and new horror movies that I mentioned above!

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