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Day Of The Dead: Bloodline (2018) – Horror Movie Review

The new faces of: ‘Day Of The Dead’!

George A. Romero (A Night Of The Living Dead)… Man that guy was something! I mean there are few people in this world that can do the type of job that he has done in turning a genre on it’s head and making it as popular as it is!

Bram Stoker may have been the trailblazer that made Vampire fanfaire legitimate… But, when you look at most Vampire movies these days… Most of them, (even the more victorian feeling movies) are still miles apart from what Bram Stoker created and what people like, ‘Hammer Films’ did for Vampire films!

But George A. Romero… He may have been the trailblazer that legitimized the Zombie movie franchise… But… Alot of the work that he has done is what is helping define the Zombie movie and TV series genres in to what they are today! I mean even, ‘The Walking Dead’… Which I know is a show that Mr. Romero was reported to not be a fan of the franchise… Still used some of the techniques that were pioneered to be!

And you know what? Day Of The Dead: Bloodline (2018)… While not being terrible still sadly did not live up to the legacy that Mr. Romero left for us!

Written by: Mark Tonderai (Gotham), Lars Jacobson (Baby Blues) & Directed by: Hèctor Hernàndez Vicens (The Corpse Of Anna Fritz). Starring: Jonathan Schaech (Prom Night),  Sophie Skelton (Ren), Jeff Gum (The Forgiven) & Marcus Vanco (Unbroken).

He could be the breakthrough we need in beating the rotter virus. – Zoe (A quote by: Sophie Skelton from: Day Of The Dead: Blood Line (2018).) 

This story… In a lot of context is taken straight from the original, ‘Day Of The Dead’ movie… Except this movie tells the story from the beginning the Zombie out break and how many moons later…  There is one outpost left of humanity it appears thanks to a mission setup to figure out how to either destroy or cure the Zombies.

The main scientist who is working on a cure (much to the chagrin of the remaining military personnel is a woman by the name of Zoe (Played by Sophie Skelton). Now Zoe, right before the Zombie outbreak, was a university reseacher who had been, stalked by a man by the name of, ‘Max’, (Played by: Jonathan Schaech).

As a matter of fact, on the night of the initial invasion of the Zombies, Max attempts to assault her… Where by she locks him up and allows the unknown hoardes to take a bite out of her.

Zoe (Sophie Skelton) and Max (Jonathan Schaech) have a complicated history… But he could be the answer to her problem! 

Little did she realize those, that Max would later hold the cure that not only could save her life. But could save the lives of the rest of humanity and begin to cure the Earth of the Zombie hoardes!

Now this movie has all the potential of a good film… A great cast, solid special effects… The problem with this movie is that it is basically a story line that was taken straight from Romero’s original film… And although the crew did not go so far as to duplicate the original film… Like Gus Van Sant (Hanson: Weird) did with the Psycho remake… They still more or less stole Romero’s movie and tried to make it their own… And thus the movie… No matter how good the other aspects are… Just doesn’t cut it!

Now I am gonna say it… As I watched I discovered that this movie was basically a remake. So if you are looking for an original this one is definitely not for you. But you are looking for a decent remake… I would say give it a go… It is not so bad!

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