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Filmmakers Make The Clown, The Supernatural Serial Killers We Enjoy So Much!

Two clowns you really don’t want to invite to your kids party.

So there is something about when it comes to clowns in horror movies… I mean I know there is a ton of people who have some serious legitimate fears when it comes to clowns… But clowns for the most part… Their original intention was not to scare… But to entertain kids!

But some how filmmakers have made these jolly… Well clowns in to the things of nightmares… They make them in to the perfect personification of evil!

You might be wondering where this first obsession with clowns being these evil villains…

John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer in Chicago Il… I suspect he maybe one of the earliest representations that Hollywood writers used to as an example of a clown who was pure evil!

Well before Stitches came around… before the father from, Clown (2014) came around terrifying audiences… Hell even before, ‘It’ was made in to a movie… There was another nightmare inducing jokster in silly paint…

This guy actually was quite legit… He was a serial killer that terrorized men and boys in Illinois during the 1970s by the name of, ‘John Wayne Gacy/

Now Mr. Gacy… Before he got caught was actually a pretty respectable pillar of the community… As a matter of fact, he tried to entertain at charity events, kids birthdays… etc… As a clown! That was how after he got caught he was dubbed, ‘The Killer Clown’!

A picture of Gacy before he got caught.

Ever since then there has been certain elements of this story that have gone in to their own killer clown horror movies that aren’t necessarily about the crimes that Mr. Gacy had actually committed… Including the movie, Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)… (Killer Klowns From Out Space has nothing to do with John Wayne Gacy, but it is a fun horror/sci-fi movie that you should check out if you get a chance!)

Of course if you are a true crime movie fan… There are movies about the life of Mr. Gacy as well…

But there has also been several other movies that have popped up over the years that have had to do with Killer Clowns, that although alot of them are very loosely connected to the Gacy’s crimes… They are great films never-the-less!

Stitches is a great example of a horror movie about a killer clown!

As, ‘Killer Clown’ horror movies get further and further away from true crime events and more and more toward their own sort of evil legend… The more fun they get, and trust me… It is still fun to see the evil Bozos work their magic!

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