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Final Destination (2000) – Horror Movie Review

Alex Browning (Played By Devon Sawa) will become the only hope for the survivors of that plane flight to make it!

Alright, so from roughly about the mid 1990s to the early 2000s there was a new form of horror movie that really defined the genre till about the early part of the new millennium… That was the bubble gum horror!

Before then, alot of what horror was, was horror with a theme of some sort… The 80s was largely about super natural horror and babysitter slasher style films that had a central location or some other theme to them (Friday The 13th had location in and around Camp Crystal Lake… And Halloween was always around Halloween…)

With that said, the 90’s bubblegum horror took alot of elements from some of the classic horror movies of all time, (Scream (1996) took elements of both, ‘Psycho’ and, ‘Halloween’, I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) took elements of both, ‘The Burning’ and, ‘The Prowler’,) but they took all of it and made it in to an almost easy listening horror movie…

Randy (Played by: Jamie Kennedy) in Scream (1996) talking about how to survive a horror movie… With Halloween playing in the background.

I mean almost all horror movies have the same general theme of some one or something that hunts and kills pretty people… But this took it to a new level… It was literally a top group… Usually of students!

‘Scream’ had the popular crowd that were still in High School being cut up by a masked maniac… ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ had the same basic theme of a hidden fisherman who is cutting up the popular kids, and Final Destination (2000) has death coming back for the lot of kids who happened to miss the flight that was supposed to end them!

Written by: Glen Morgan (Willard), James Wong (The One), Jeffrey Reddick (Tamara) & Directed by: James Wong. Starring: Devon Sawa (Idle Hands), Ali Larter (Resident Evil: Afterlife), Kerr Smith (My Bloody Valentine), Kristen Cloke (Black Christmas), Daniel Roebuck (Dead Night), Roger Guenveur Smith (Summer Of Sam), Chad Donella (Disturbing Behavior), Seann William Scott (Super Troopers 2), Tony Todd (Candyman), Amanda Detmer (Empire) & Brenden Fehr (Roswell).

“In death there are no accidents, no coincidences, no mishaps, and no escapes.“ – Bludworth (A quote by: Tony Todd, from the movie: Final Destination (2000).)

This is the awesome, suspense filled tale of how Alex Browning (Played by: Devon Sawa) and his class are supposed to be heading off to Paris on a school trip!

Now everyone is really excited about it… Until Alex has a very vivid and terrifying dream that has the plane crashing!

The next day as the class is about to board the plane, Alex remembers the terrifying dream…. And in this case, the dream is starting to feel more and more like a premonition as to what is about to happen! So Alex freaks out and tries to stop everyone from getting on the plane!

Alex is willing to fight to save his class… Quite literally!

When he gets in to a fight with one of the jocks… He manages to pull off a small handful of students and one of the teachers off of the plane. And when the plane explodes on take off… Was his premonition luck? Or was it something more?

But when the survivors start to have, ‘accidents’, it will be up to Alex and those who are left to find out what is going on… And try to stop death’s plan, before they are all killed! Because death doesn’t make a mistake and death is coming for the survivors!

Some of the survivors just trying to survive!

In the end this movie is fun for many reasons!

  1. In my opinion this is one of the last best, well recognized Devon Sawa films, (he has done other things… But nothing like he did in this movie and the preceeding films!)
  2. To date, this is one of my favorite Ali Larter films!
  3. And this is a bit of interesting trivia… But besides working on this film… Kerr Smith and Ali Larter worked on the classic teen drama, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ together!
  4. Tony Todd is great in almost everything that he has done, and this is no exception!
  5. Finally… The special effects and the story line are in my opinion so well done… That closing out the 90s horror filmming style that captured audiences with movies like, ‘Scream’ and, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, was pretty perfect!

In the end, this movie really is a ton of fun, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, then I highly recommend doing so! It is a ton of fun!

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