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Fitness For Horror… Well How About Fitness With Horror?

Watching Halloween 2 (1981) while working out.

Ok, so I guess for me I have to say that I have always been a horror and science fiction nut… You could almost say that it was a generational thing. My grandfather was a horror fan, my dad introduced me directly or indirectly to almost all of my favorite horror and science fiction movies I have ever seen!

I watched my first Star Trek movie with him, my first Star Wars movie with him, my first Alien movie with him, and even my first, A Nightmare On Elm Street movie with him!

But where as I grew up enjoying some great and gory films, and some great space adventures with my family… The one thing that until the last decade or two I have not been in a position to do to much… Is exercise… And in a lot of respects, there was a time when I was in a teenager, that I was that heavy set kid who enjoyed a good horror or science fiction movie… With just about everything that was as unhealthy as possible!

At one time or another this could have been me.

Well in the last couple of decades I have begun to grow out of that phase… I obviously still love horror and science fiction movies… But one of the things that I had begun to loose interest in is being unhealthy and exercising…

But like all great people who started off fat and is headed on the journey toward being thin… I have had a hard time in the motivation department…

And so I got this idea a little while back… Now I have been lifting weights pretty comfortably, and pretty easy for the most part… But one of the problems, (and I have read that a ton of people basically have this problem.) One of the problems that I have had in regards to doing 60 minutes on the treadmill is how not to get so mind numbingly bored that the work out I am getting on the treadmill becomes to overwhelming!

My solution… I started watching horror and science fiction movies on my phone!

Being a cinephile I have a ton of apps, Netflix, Google Play, and the like… And so I have been able to dive in to some truly great horror movies!

I have managed to watch such classics as, Halloween (1978), Hellraiser (1987), Friday The 13th (1980) and I just recently watched, The Thing From Another World (1951) while I was on the treadmill tonight!

Watching, Hellraiser (1987) on the treadmill!

So if you are like me, and you find it hard to get motivated for the treadmill and the like, and you are a horror and science fiction nerd… Find something on Netflix or Hulu and get fit! It does work!

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