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Five Classic Science Fiction Weapons

So when i was younger I had a friend whose mother had friends all over the entertainment industry… And one of the people I got the opportunity to meet was the guy who invented the machine gun from the movie, Aliens (1986)… Not only that, but due to the fact that he had one in his house, I actually got to play with it (A nerd’s dream right?)

I got to reminiscing about this recently and some of the other great weapons that have come through science fiction movie and TV series, and I thought that you guys might like these 5 classic science fiction weapons!

5: The Sonic Screwdriver (Dr. Who).

David Tennant as the, ‘Tenth Doctor’ from: Doctor Who!

The sonic screw driver is a tiny device that is sort of an all-in-one that the Doctors have used through out the series… And not only can it be used as a weapon, but more of then then not, the Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver to repair stuff as well!

The Sonic Screwdriver!

4: Ripley’s Flamethrower/Machine Gun, (Aliens).

Ripley is about to kick some alien ass with these weapons!

So you see these weapons through out the movie… But when Newt is kidnapped Ripley will combine the two to make a super weapon.

Individually these weapons are formidable, together they are super weapons!

3: The Proton Packs (Ghostbusters).

The proton pack… Capturing ghosts and the hearts and minds of fans for decades!

The Ghostbusters proton packs… Big bulky nightmares… But just totally bad-ass… I mean they are used to stop paranormal super bad guys like, ‘Vigo’ or the paranormal marshmellow, ‘The Stay Pufft Marshmello Man’!

The Proton Pack… A piece of pop-culture history!

2: The Lightsaber (Star Wars).

The famous lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the throne room of the Death Star!

So what can I say about the Lightsaber that hasn’t already been said… I mean this weapon is so bad ass, that it has inspired generations of scientists to try to create it in the real world, and kids to have imaginary lightsaber battles in their back yard!

The lightsaber… A piece of pop-culture history!

1: The Phaser (Star Trek).

Captain James T. Kirk firing one of the phasers that started it all!

The phaser… I cannot say that this the best of the Science Fiction weapons out there… But to me it is my favorite… I feel like this weapon has a sense of realism to it… I mean I can see it as the next generation of weaponry!

And as a piece of pop-culture history… Forget about it! That weapon has had boys and geeks and nerds doing phaser battles for literally decades!

Just some of the classic phasers and phaser rifles from the shows and the movies!

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