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Five Final Girls Of The 1980s That Really Rocked!

Dana Kimmell from Friday The 13th Part 3 (1983) was a great final girl!

Ok, so I think that we can agree that the 1980s was a truly brilliant decade for horror movies… That decade produced some great horror movie villains, and some great horror movie final girls… And these are five great horror movie, ‘Final Girls’ (Final Girls are those that lasted through out the movie and have taken out the main villain!)

And here are five great final girls from the 1980s that really rocked!

5: Amty Steel as, ‘Ginny’ (Friday The 13th Part 2.)

Amy Steel was pretty in Friday The 13th Part 2 (1982)!

4: Robin Stille as, ‘Trish’ (Slumber Party Massacre.)

Robin Stille was pretty awesome in, Slumber Party Massacre (1982)!

3: Ashley Laurence as, ‘Kirsty Cotton’ (Hellraiser.)

Ashley Laurence was one of the better final girls of the 80s for sure!

2: Jamie Lee Curtis as, ‘Laurie Strode’ (Halloween.)

Jamie Lee Curtis is the original scream queen!

1: Heather Langenkamp as, ‘Nancy Thompson’ (A Nightmare On Elm Street.)

Heather Langenkamp I honestly think maybe one of the best… Final Girls I always think of them as almost like the girl next door type… And Ms. Langenkamp brought that to this role… Plus the badassdom that is the other side of these final girls!

There are other great horror movie final girls out there… But these are the ones that i felt really stood out!

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