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Five Great Captains Of Five Great Spaceships.

Doctor Who… A great Captain from a great ship that looks like a, ‘Police Box’!

A few years ago my ex (who is also a Sci-fi nerd) asked me, ‘who is your favorite character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’… And of course it was Captain Benjamin Sisko (Played by: Avery Brooks)… I mean Captain Sisko was pretty bad ass!

And so it got me to thinking… There are a ton of really awesome Captain’s that have come and gone through out Sci-fi… and so I thought that you guys might like these five Captains of five great spaceships!

5: Captain Mal Reynolds (Serenity).

4: Han Solo (Starwars).

3: Adama (Battlestar Galactica… Original Series).

2: Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek).

1: Captain Dallas (Alien).

Of course there are more than just what is mentioned here… But these guys were pretty insanely cool Captains of some pretty cool ships! I hope you enjoyed!

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