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Five Great Sci-fi Crossovers That Would Be Awesome… But Guarenteed Will Never Happen!

Batman Vs. Darth Vader… A surprisingly solid crossover!

Ok, so it is true that in horror, the, ‘crossover’ would be truly awesome! But when you look at some of the fan films, and videos that are on Youtube… Some of them are shockingly well made… And some of them are also total garbage… But the ones that are well made… They definitely make you think… And so here are some videos that really made me think, ‘how cool with this crossover be?’

5: Batman Vs. Darth Vader.

4: Superman Vs. Thor.

3: Avengers Vs. Terminator.

2: Batman Vs. Wolverine

1: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars.

There are a ton of other ideas for crossovers… But these are just a few that I thought that you guys might like!

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