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Five Military Science Fiction Films That Rock! – #Scifi #Movie #Blog

Clone Troopers marching in formation in the prequel star wars series.

Ok, so if you are on this site, then I am sure we can all agree that Science Fiction movies kind of are basically amazingly awesome! But there is one type of science fiction movie that in my opinion is better than the rest… And that is the, ‘Military’ science fiction film!

Whether it be space exploration or fighting off Alien invaders at home or abroad, you gotta admit that a military fighting aliens, or in some cases robots… Is pretty awesome! And so I thought that you guys might enjoy these, ’5 Military Science Fiction Films That Rock!

5: Forbidden Planet (1956).

4: War Of The Worlds (1953).

3: The Final Countdown (1980).

2: Star Trek: First Contact (1996).

1: Aliens (1986).

2 thoughts on “Five Military Science Fiction Films That Rock! – #Scifi #Movie #Blog

  1. i’m wondering if you or any of your subscribers can help me identify the name of a rather campy sci-fi movie from the 70’s. It had the line “Fire Delta Ray.” THis was an order given by the commander in the heat of battle, which was then repeated down the line of command about a half dozen times before the damn delta ray was fired–by then too late, i would think. This line became a running joke with a friend of mine. We saw that movie when we were in college 30 years ago, but neither one of us can remember the name of the movie. does anyone out there know the name of this movie?

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