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Five Time Travel Movies Very Worth Watching!

Time travel movies are certainly a ton of fun!

Now there are ton of different types of Science Fiction movies out there that are a ton of fun… There are movies where exploratory ships come up against an overwhelming enemy, (Like Star Trek), or an interstellar war, (Like Star Wars) or even Alien invasion (Like Independence Day!)

But one that is a personal favorite of mine that I thought that I would mention here is: Time Travel!

There is always something quite cool about people who come back to our ‘primitive’ present, only to discover something about themselves… Or you know travel through time on a mission, or what have you!

And so I thought that you guys would enjoy these five time travel movies that are definitely worth watching!

5: Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (1986).

The crew of the Starship Enterprise in 20th century earth!

This movie tells the story of how a probe that has come to Earth in the future, and is disrupting the elements on Earth, and is slowly destroying and destabilizing it, and the only way to stop it is Kirk and crew traveling back in time and bringing Humpback whales to the future!

4: The Terminator (1984).

The Terminator is one of the great Sci-Fi/Horror time travel movies of all time.

Now this movie talks about a war between man and machine that bleeds in to the past, when the artifical intelligence that is fighting a war against humanity, decides to send one of it’s cyborgs back in time to destroy the mother of the leader of the resistance!

3: Back To The Future (1985).

Back To The Future is a time travel movie that is an icon of pop culture history!

The story of a teen, who takes his mentor’s time machine back to the past and has to put his parents together so that he and his family will be around in the present!

2: Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989).

Believe it or not, these dead heads will save the world with music they create with help from a time traveler!

Two high school metal heads get help from a time travel who goes back in time to help them create the music that will save the world!

1: Time Cop (1994).

Two, ‘Time Cops’ about to begin the adventure of a life time!

This movie tells the story of a cop from the future who is given the opportunity to stop a tragic event in his life when he is investigating a crime throughout history!

Now this list is not in any particular order… But all of these films are pretty awesome time travel films, and are definitely worth checking out!

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