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Flight 666 (2018) – Horror/Sci-Fi Movie Review

Apparently this passenger really did not know that the bathroom was occupied!

So I will be honest and say that I have not seen to many horror or science fiction movies or tv episodes set on planes… But I have to say that they are a ton of fun!

There is something unusually spookey and in some ways kind of unconfortable, when you think about the possiblities of what you can be stuck with when you are in a some-what-smallish metal tube 20,000 feet in the sky!

And this one I have to say is certainly one of the better, ‘B’ Movie versions that are better!

Written by: Jacob Cooney (Bedlam), Brandon Stroud (Meet Me There) & Directed by: Rob Pallatina (500 MPH Storm). Starring: Liz Fenning (Recovery), Jose Rosete (Dead Bullet), Joseph Michael Harris (Nosferatu), Greg Furman (Young Blood), Clarissa Thibeaux (Paradox Lost), Shamar Philippe (Ice Sharks), Jesse James D’Angelo (My Crazy Ex) & Paul Logan (Code Red).

“I’ve never seen a plane die like that before” – Ryan (A quote by Greg Furman from the movie: Flight 666 (2018).)

This is the amsusing tale of a the red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York…. When the flight takes off, everything appears to be alright… But once they start their cruising altitude things start getting a little weird!

These passengers truly are on the flight from hell!

You see, at first one of the passengers, some one who happens to be a bit of a nervous flyer goes to the bathroom to wake himself up and spalsh water on his face when he sees something on the wing of the plane…

When he gets in to the bathroom though he sees the image of a dead woman behind him, but still in the mirror! He then freaks out and has to be sedated…

This isn’t the first time something like this occurs… As more and more of these mysterious incidents occur, and as the plane literally begins to be put in danger. It will be up to a small number passengers to determine what is going on with this plane, before this plane ride ends up being their last!

The passengers and crew coming together to try and stop whatever is going on!

Now the truth is, is this film really is a ton of fun! For the most part it has some great special effects (except for one scene… Well I won’t give away the scene, except to say that the acting in that scene is horrible, and the special effects are surprisingly bad!

And speaking about acting… I will sat that again, for the most part the acting was pretty fun… There is just a few useless weak points in the movie that I don’t think were handled right…

With that said though, the movie is fun… It is well worth a watch… Especially if you are a B-Movie fan!

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