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Four Classic Sci-Fi Movies From Five Different Decades You Need To See!

So there are alot of Sci-fi movies that people recognize… ‘Star Trek’ & ‘Star Wars’ are probably the most predominant of the batch in the A-List category… And then of course there are those such as: The Terminator (1984), RoboCop (1987) and so many others!

But the movies that generally tend to get over looked by the general public, those science fiction movies that are done by the B-list teams are not only great, but are some times even better than the modern A-list Science Fiction films!

And so, I thought you guys might enjoy this article enough to maybe try some of the B-List Science Fiction films!

4: Deepstar Six (1989).

Directed by: Sean S. Cunningham (Friday The 13th) & Starring: Greg Evigan (Headspace) & Nancy Everhard (The Punisher).

While The Abyss may have told you some of the lighter more fluffier version of first contact. DeepStar Six… Told the story of a very different Alien first contact!

You see, deep under the ocean, an under sea drilling team comes across an alien entity down below… Now this alien does not particularly like the humans that have trespassed in to their area and ultimately decides to get rid of them!

And now the humans are in a race against time to try to disappear before the aliens help make that a fact!

3: Silent Running (1972).

Directed by: Douglas Trumbull (Blade Runner) & Starring: Bruce Dern (The Burbs), Cliff Potts (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Now this one is kind of an interesting movie… And could be said to be one of the first, ‘environmentalist movies’ ever…

You see, this movie tells the story of a convoy of ships out in space that is set to protect the last living plants from Earth… But when they are ordered to destroy the plants and return to normal service… One man will kill his crew in an effort to preserve the last of nature’s beauty!

2: Planet Of The Vampires (1965).

Directed by: Mario Bava (Bay Of Blood) & Starring: Barry Sullivan (Earthquake), Norma Bengell (Sea Of Roses).

Now this one is a personal favorite of mine… This is one of the first, old, ‘B’ horror and science fictions that I have seen!

You see this movie tells the story of a group of spaceships that go to investigate a mysterious planet! Now when the first ship goes down, everyone on the ship kind of basically goes insane! And so the crew of the second ship go down to investigate and discover a form of life that maybe to much of a danger to mankind, and this lone ship will have to stop them before they infect mankind in the whole!

  1. The Thing From Another World (1951).

Ok, so I will admit, I have never seen this movie before… I have seen both the 1982 remake and loved it! I also saw the 2011 prequel… And I thought both were pretty decent, and so I had to nominate this for the number 1 slot!

And with that said, I do think this movie about scientists and airforce officials fighting against an alien at an extreme arctic outpost is a good film! But I think it is great because it has inspired a franchise based solely on the single film… And the vision of Christian Nyby (Red River) & Howard Hawkes (Tiger Shark) is always brilliant!

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