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Four Great Movies Made From Video Games In The 1990s And One From The New Millennium!

Movies based on video games… Definitely a growing trend!

So every generation has that often times new-ish, but similar item that they love and cherish from when they were a kid that really made their world a little bit happier!

For me, that was video games and movies!

And so when they started making live action movies based on video games… Well of course I became not only a quick fan of this medium, but I have been a have seen a lot of these movies… So here is what I am sure is going to be a highly controversial list of 4 great movies made from 4 great video games in the 1990s.

And here are the ones from the 1990s!

Double Dragon (1994).

Street Fighter (1994).

Super Mario Bros. (1994).

Wing Commander (1999).

And one from the new millennium.

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