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Hellraiser (1987) – Horror Movie Review

“We have such sights to show you!” – Lead Cenobite (Hellraiser).

So if you are a true horror movie fan, of course you are going to know who Clive Barker (Night Breed) is!

Clive Barker has been made in to a legend of horror status for a ton of different films, novels and projects that he has done over the decades, including: The Midnight Meat Train (2008), Candyman (1992) and so much more!

But one of the movie series that I think he is maybe most recognized for is for the work that he has done in the film series, ‘Hellraiser’!

Now the movie series has helped careers for decades but honestly it has helped some truly big names in the genre, such as: Ashley Laurence (Lurking Fear), Doug Bradley (Back Fork) and so much more!

I have probably seen Hellraiser (1987) at least a dozen times on the small screen, at least once on my computer, I got to see it at a film festival a few years ago on the big screen, and I got to watching it recently on my phone while I was on the treadmill, and I have to say that I still love this film after all the times I have seen it and all the screens that I have seen it on!

As you can see, the glare can be a bit intense, but this is Hellraiser on my phone at the gym!

Written & Directed by: Clive Barker. Starring: Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Andrew Robinson (Star Trek: Deep Space 9), Claire Higgins (Ready Player One), Oliver Smith (Tale Of A Vampire) & Sean Chapman (Tangier Cop).

“We have such sights to show you!” – Lead Cenobite (A quote from Doug Bradley, from the movie, Hellraiser (1987).)

Ok, so this movie is an interesting tale…

Essentially This movie tells the story of how a sort of international con-man by the name of Frank Cotton (Played by: Sean Chapman), who seeks the very extremes of both pleasure and pain, comes across a puzzle box while in another country outside of the United States, from an unknown merchant.

When he gets the box back to the United States he opens it and releases the, ‘Cenobites’ from hell, who not only give him the extreme that he really wanted, but also take him to hell with them!

Frank is about to change his existence that will haunt him forever!

Months later Larry Cotton (Played by Andrew Robinson) and his wife, ‘Julia’ (Played by: Claire Higgins) move in to Larry’s childhood home… (This is the sam home where Frank had opened up the box to hell!)

And as they are moving in, Larry cuts himself really bad, and ends up spilling blood on the spot where Frank had been murdered… Thus giving Frank the chance to escape!

And as Frank comes back and with the help of Julia (who is bringing him bodies to drain of blood, so that he can become whole again…) It will be up to Kirsty (played by Ashley Laurence) to figure out what is going on, before Frank and Julia are allowed to escape, or the Cenobites find them… And so that she can save her poor father who is caught in this madness!

Kirsty is about to enter a nightmare that she may never truly get out of!

Ok, so this movie truly is brilliant!

B-Movies always manage to pull in some amazing talent, and Doug Braldey, Ashley Laurence and the entire cast made the movie eerily believable, while still being an edge of your seat thrill ride!

80s special effects will always beat modern CGI, and this is no different! What Clive Barker was able to pull off was nothing short of brilliant!

And speaking of Clive Barker, besides being a filmmaker, he is a published author, and this movie shows off his amazing talent as writer, (This movie was based on a novella he had written previously!)

A great movie, and I suspect a great novella!

An interesting bit of trivia… If you know the franchise as well as a true fan generally tends to… Then I think you will find it interesting, that Doug Bradley’s character would be changed to, ‘Pinhead’ in sequels…

And as a side note, the reason the name that name was chosen at all was because of a nickname that had been given to the character during the filmmaking on this movie!

If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend checking it out, it is more than will worth it!

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