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Hellraiser: Judgement (2018) – Horror Movie Review

The Auditor (Gary J. Tunnicliffe) talking to, ‘Chatterer’

So… I love Hellraiser… Really until Hellworld (which I am sad to say, so far appears to be the last hellraiser movie with Doug Bradley (Hellraiser)…) But up until Hellworld the series had gone progressively more and more B-Movie and straight to Video/DVD/Blu-Ray… But you know, the directors and casts, and writers seemed to really do it right!

What I mean by this, is that where as Hellraiser lost it’s big screen appeal a long time ago… It still managed to keep interesting story lines for true horror fans… Movies that became progressively darker and darker, scarier and scarier… And some times would bring back some of the talent that made these movies great in the past!

Now for some reason, since Hellworld, there has been this sort of weird attempt to bring these movies back on track… Now I haven’t seen all of them… But from the trailer that I saw for the first post Doug Bradley Hellraiser movie… I think they may do it!

And well, with Hellraiser: Judgement (2018)… They are another step in the right direction, but they haven’t quite seemed to hit the mark… I will explain in a minute…

Written & Directed by: Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Blade). Starring: Damon Carney (Logan), Randy Wayne (Honey 2), Alexandra Harris (The Veil), Paul T. Taylor, Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Rheagan Wallace (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D), Helena Grace Donald, John Gulager (The Collector) & Joel Decker (Children Of The Corn: Runaway).

“Obsolete. Irrelevant in an age when desire has become amplified but where lust can be sated electronically. We need something more than just a wooden box.” – Pinhead (A quote by: Paul T. Taylor (Sin City) from the movie: Hellraiser: Judgement (2018).)

This movie tells the story about how in the modern age, Pinhead (Played by: Paul T. Taylor) has been reduced to overseeing and ushering in the worst of the worst in the world in to his world of both pleasure and pain.

Paul T. Taylor as ‘Pinhead’!

The first one of the movie turns out to be a pedophile murderer who is not long out of jail…

Now this murderer gets a letter in the mail talking good things, but when he makes it to the house that he is supposed to go to… Weird things begin to happen… First off he is compelled by the Auditor (Played by: Gary J. Tunnicliffe) to tell him about his misdeeds…

And then the Assesor comes in and eats the testimony… And when he pukes it up… It is sent to the Judges, where he is found guilty and is destroyed by some other minions of Pinhead…

The Assesor (Played by: John Gulager), what a weird character!

Now cut ahead to two detectives, both brothers, one of them is Sean Carter (Played by: Damon Carney) & David Carter (Played by Randy Wayne)… Both of these brothers could not be more different!

You see, Sean is grizzled, and beaten down by the work… Where as David dresses in suits and the like… And for awhile now, they have been working this serial killer case… A particularly gruesome one… And they have been working on it alone until Detective Christine Edgerton (Played by: Alexandra Harris) is assigned to help them wrap up the case.

And when the case leads them in the direction… These Dective’s case will quite literally send them to hell, and in to the clutches of the master of pain and pleasure himself… Pinhead!

He has such sights to show the Detectives!

Ok, the truth is, is this is not a great film… Some horror film series when they are trying to, ‘right the ship’ so to speak… Go more and more comic (‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ went that way… Their stories become more and more rediculous, ‘Halloween’ and, ‘Friday The 13th’ both went that way.

This movie kind of went that direction for me… I feel like the series is sort of righting itself bit by bit… The actors are getting better, the story is starting to come around… But this just did not quite hit the mark…

I though the guy who ate the testimony was pretty stupid… I thought relegating the boxes to mostly window dressing was an insult to the years of Hellraiser fun! And I also thought the nod to the first movie was pretty pointless and unnecessary…

The nod to the first Hellraiser movie was pretty pointless!

With that said… I liked how this movie put in to perspective how the world of Pinhead, was more about Heaven and Hell… I thought their replacement for Doug Bradley did a great job, and I thought the talent they brought to the movie was really impressive!

In the end, this movie never really hit it’s marks… It is not bad… But it is fairly unimpressive… If you do try for it, I highly recommend not going in to this thinking this is going to be the greatest Hellraiser film since the first one…

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