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Hopes For The Next Phase Of The MCU.

The MCU is going to be making some major changes after Avengers: End Game (2019)!

Alright, so the next Avengers is something of a door closer for most of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as we know it!

Since the start Marvel’s immensely, almost legendary take over of the modern movie box office (Let’s be honest… Marvel movies are the real box office draw for most of the world these days… I mean most of the genres have their niche audiences… But most theaters are making their money these days on ticket sales from Marvel movies!)

Now since the very early days of all of this… We have recognized that the Avengers really are the top, prime box office draw… It helped make Robert Downey Jr. one of the biggest actors in Hollywood… And it brought name recognition for anyone who had anythong to do with the Avengers!

Robert Downey Jr. regained prominence as, ‘Tony Stark/Iron Man’ in the MCU!

But the next Avengers movie means a different dynamic for the MCU in the near future! For example:

  1. I Have heard that Robert Downey Jr. is retiring his role in the MCU… Bye bye Tony Stark.
  2. Spider-Man is a Sony character so he seems to be able to come and go… But he has his own company and branding… So he is mostly gone.
  3. Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger)… Since this movie is the last in his contract with Disney… It looks like Steve Rogers is either dead… Or going off to revel in old war stories with Bucky, (Played by: Sebastian Stan… Another actor we may not see to much of in the near future…)

With that said though, there is a ton of characters still in it… And with the variations on the original Avengers team in the comics… And with the X-Men and Fantastic Four coming back home to Marvel… There is some hope that we can have an expanded MCU!

The Hulk and Black Widow I am hoping will go in to major prominence in Phase 4 (If they are around!)

Now the first one that I wanted to talk about is the change in characters…

  1. This could possibly mean that alot of the B-Team in the Avengers will finally get their independent movies… There has been huge demand for a Black Widow movie and even a Hawkeye movie… And that seems very likely… Maybe Universal will FINALLY give us another, ‘Hulk’ movie as well!
  2. And then there is the X-Men and Fantastic Four that are coming back to Marvel… Think of the possibilities! I mean we could see a live action battle between the Avengers and Magneto! or the X-Men coming in at the last minute to save the Fantastic Four in the next Phase’s epic final… The combination is endless!
  3. And with alot of the current MCU wrapping up their contracts with Disney and beginning to move on… It is my hope that they kill as few of the current MCU character that are leaving… The could open up the possiblity of Thor showing in and X-Men movie… Or Captain America coming back to lead one of the Avengers teams! (Which does happen on occaison in the comics!

There is just some great possiblities… And if Disney and Marvel are smart and do it right… They could take the brilliant films they already have and expand them in to something even bigger!

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