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MacGuyvering A Lightsaber!

He actually did it!

That’s right folks… You heard it here!

Ok so first off before I begin, let me explain, ‘MacGuyver’… Ok, so MacGuyver started off as that great TV series that gave Richard Dean Anderson (Stargate: SG1) his legendary status in the late 80s through the early/middleish 90s!

Now the showed told the story ultimately of a man who worked for a spy organization that would go in and take on the jobs that were deemed to dangerous for regular spies to come in… And this organization was disguised as a think tank!

The show that started it all!

This guy who worked for this super secret organization was a sort of genius at putting things together that he could use to take on whole militaries, and the like using nothing but a paper clip, some chewing gum and a shoelace!

His name… ‘Angus MacGuyver’! (Played by Richard Dean Anderson in the original series and Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class) in the remake series.)

Now this show turned out to be so popular that a pop culture term, ‘MacGuyvering’… Has been in the American lexicon for decades and has come to mean to jury rig something out of basically nothing!

Man MacGyver’s ventilator!

Now in truth, this series is not something I would generally report on… And yes that is because it a a TV series… But it also is because this series is not sci-fi or horror… But it did do something that was pretty significant Star Wars… Gotta admit, it got the geeky side of me going!

In an early episode from season 2 that I happened to be watching recently, MacGuyver actually built his own lightsaber out of basically nothing!

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