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Michael Myers & Pinhead: Two Villains That Can’t Be Killed!

Pinhead and Michael Myers… Two villains that just can’t die!

So Halloween and Hellraiser, both children of the 80s… (I mean Halloween made a name for itself in the late 70s… But the series really din’t become a phenomena until the 80s.) Both great film series with great, very recognizable horror movie villains.

And speaking of those horror movie villains… Michael Myers as it stands today is one of the most recognizable horror movies villains of all time, thanks to the most recent reboot of the franchise having been released just recently… But Pinhead… Now he is something else…

Michael Myers maybe the most recognizable horror movie villain at this time, but Pinhead maybe the least recognizeable at this time…

Whatever happened to Pinhead?

You see, Pinhead… Like alot of the horror movie franchises that came out in the 1980s, has been trying to get back on track in the new millennium… And where as hopefully this will be the last time that Halloween is retconned, (That series has retconned some truly great story lines.) Hellraiser is still looking to make it’s way back on top!

And you know what? That is cool, Pinhead is a very cool villain, but there is something that is interesting about him that has occurred since the collapse of the franchises ability to make it on to the big screen… Alot of the movies have gotten better and better!

Now some of the most recent ones don’t seem to have quite hit the mark… But with Hellraiser… We are starting to see that old Pinhead magic!

It looks like Pinhead might be making a come back!

But that is for another blog…

What I wanted to talk to you guys today… Is about an interesting phenomena… Both filmmakers who created these two icons of fright, have actually tried to end them!

With John Carpenter (The Fog), his intention for this series was quite different… Where as he never actually tried to kill, ‘Michael Myers’… He wanted different stories for each sequel… And so he did try to end the story with the second movie… And launched a different story for the 3rd movie…

But when that movie tanked… Michael came back to the big screen, bigger and better than ever!

And Clive Barker (Night Breed) has talked for years about the idea of finally killing off Pinhead… And well… Not only has that still not happened… But it looks he has become involved with the latest attempt to reboot the franchise… By bringing back the story that started it all!

In the end, Pinhead and Michael Myers may have had death threats from the filmmakers whose visions brought them to life on the big screen… But you can’t keep a good horror movie villain down!

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