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Moon (2009) – Sci-Fi Movie Review

A decent Psychological Science Fiction film!

Ok so I am just gonna say it, I am a huge fan of B science fiction films! I know that when a movie gets a, ‘B’ rating, that it is supposed to be a, ‘Bad’ movie… But one of the things that I have learned about B Movies, is that, that is not always the case… And they only seem to get better and better as the years go on!

Ok, so originally a B Science Fiction film might have bad, (unknown) actors… Or maybe a bad story line, or almost no special effects to speak of… And in some cases all of them! But sometimes that is what we love about them! They have an energy that some times keeps one on the edge of his or her seat!

And Moon (2009) is definitely one of those that has some of the best B Movie elements!

Written and Directed by: Duncan Jones (Source Code). Starring: Sam Rockwell (Seven Psychopaths), Keven Spacey (Se7en), Dominique McElligott (Dark Floors) & Rosie Shaw (Mute).

“I hope life on Earth is everything you remember it to be.” – GERTY (A quote from Kevin Spacey, from the movie, Moon (2009).)

This movie tells the story of Sam Bell (Played by Sam Rockwell)… Now Sam has been alone on a Space station on the moon for some time… His only real companion as it turns out is an AI by the name of, ‘GERTY’ (Played by: Kevin Spacey.)

Sam talking with the, ‘Gerty’ AI unit.

Now Sam has been up there by himself for quite some time, and is really looking forward to going back to Earth and being with his family.

As Sam’s time in space comes close to it’s end… Sam not only gets horribly sick, but also discovers that a duplicate of himself is his replacement! And the closer to his depature date that he gets… The more bizarre the odyssey between fantasy and reality gets for him!

Now this honestly, in my opinion is not one of those edge of your seat sci-fi movies (I prefer those honestly…)

Moon may not be an edge of your seat Science Fiction movie, but it does make you think… And so it is interesting in that capacity.

But this movie had an interesting sort of arthouse appeal to it… The surrealism of beginning to realize that your life was an artificially created like… There is something fascinating about watching the original Sam’s descent in to madness… And the almost, ‘brother’ like camraderie that the new Sam has with his older counterpart!

Now this movie does have slow moments to… But in truth, if you are looking for a science fiction movie that does make you think, versus something that keeps you on the edge of your seat… Than honestly… I think you might like it! So check this out!

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