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Moonraker (1979) – Sci-Fi Movie Review

What a fun film!

So one of the things that I really like to do is to go around and watch a full season or a full series of some such show or the other… Now I usually try to do at least one horror movie and one Science Fiction movies… For the obvious reasons, but I also like to do an action movie or something just to have a little bit of variety in the mix!

And well, I have been doing a Hulu run recenetly and got finished watching the Police procedural comedy (Angie Tribeca) and since most of the Bond films are on Hulu right now, I went on to the next one, Moonraker (1979)!

Written by: Christopher Wood (The Adventure Begin) & Directed by: Lewis Gilbert (Alfie). Starring Roger Moore (The Saint), Lois Chiles (Speed 2), Michael Lonsdale (Ronin) & Richard Kiel (Pale Rider).

“Mr. Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.” – Hugo Drax (A quote by: ‘Michael Lonsdale’ from the movie, Moonraker (1979).)

So in the 1970s, the quest to conquer space is becoming a bigger and bigger race and no longer includes just the, ‘United States’ or, ‘Russia’… But now Hugo Drax has entered his hat in to the ring as a contender to conquer the galaxy.

Hugo Drax (Played by: Michael Lonsdale) wants to conqueror the world… Starting in space!

Now at first glance Hugo Drax appears to be a very philanthropic overly rich person who is just trying to follow his passion project. You see, he has decided to loan to the allies one of his many growing space shuttles from his growing fleet of them.

But when that shuttle is stolen, MI6 decides to send in the original international man of mystery himself, ‘James Bond’ (Played by: Roger Moore) to apologies on behalf of the European Space Agency and the people of the UK, and to find the ship.

But like all of Bond’s adventures… He really does find more than he bargains for… You see this adventure will not only take him all over the world, but will literally take him a long ways from home… All the way up!

Bond in space!

Now a lot of people talk about how bad this movie is… But you know what? I actually rather quite enjoyed this one for sure!

First off this is the first Bond film with true Science Fiction overtones and will likely be the first and only Bond film that I get to review on the site.

The story… Like most of Ian Flemming’s masterpieces are pretty awesome! The story just had me griped from the moment that Bond entered Drax’s factory, until the bitter end!

Bond in his first interview with Drax!

The next thing that I will say that I really like is that, this happened to be the first time I saw Roger Moore as Bond… and I was really impressed! He really made something of his time as, ‘Bond’ and his adventures are a ton of fun!

Now I love B movies, and well there is some camp in this film (You’ll see)… But if you are not a fan of B movies, than you may not like this one… But if you are like me and kind of love it, than I think you are really going to like it, and find this one more than well worth checking out!

And an interesting bit of trivia: Despite the previous film telling us that James Bond will return in For Your Eyes Only, Producer Albert R. Broccoli chose this movie as the next installment, after the success of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).

I personally think this movie is incredibly well worth checking out… If you have a chance, check it out! You will be glad you did!

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