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Vintage sci-fi rules!

Ok, so I am sure that with the world currently on lockdown that people are starting to catch up on their movies… Good job!

Movies… When you cannot leave are a great source of entertainment… And can give you that fond walk down memory lane that you maybe missed out with a pre-lock down world!

A great example of this for me is the movie franchise, ‘Alien’!

Alien (1979) a classic science fiction movie!

Now this horror/sci-fi movie franchise is a great franchise that has been entertaining audiences for decades, and tells the story mostly of a woman that keeps coming up against these aliens… And she has to take them out before they destroy her and whatever crew she is with!

Ok, so this franchise started off with my Dad, and as years went on, he introduced it to my sister and i when we were children, and it became that franchise that we watched regularly for about a decade or more… And this movie series is still one of mine and my families favorite franchises!

And that is just one of the many examples of a fond walk down memory lane in the world of science fiction!

A fond walk down memory lane can be great!

Now for me, being a huge fan of science fiction and horror… I have gone back and forth between new and old movies… And you know what? Some of these movies really hold up to the test of time!

The best example for me in my most recent movie adventure is watching, Supergirl (1984)…

Now I am a huge Arrowverse fan, and find that Melissa Benoist’s portrayal of the girl of steel to be absolutely epic!

Supergirl old and new… Both were great, but seeing what Helen Slater brought to the role was pretty awesome!

But Helen Slater’s portrayal was just fun! and seeing a classic cast of actors that seem mostly to have faded in to obscurity from during their time in the sporlight… Man that was a great walk down the road of science fiction history!

You know what? I could explain it more, but why not just enjoy some of these truly great trailers for these classic movies… And I hope you get to enjoy re-discovering classic science fiction!

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