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Social Media Based Horror Movies!

Social Media Horror… A rising sub-genre in the world of horror movies!

So as a super horror movie fan… And with what is going on in the world today with the coronavirus and all… And the need to maintain as small contact with people for the time being… I thought it appropriate to talk about Social Media based horror movies!

Now through out the years there has been many different horror movies that have gone through specifics on how killers choose their victims…

A lot of them are school based… Which is fun… Some of them have been through clubs (the movie that had to do with, ‘Jeffrey Dahmer’ that Jeremy Renner did a while back was a great example of this…)

In Slumber Party Massacre… The driller killer found his victims in school!

There has been some that have gone through want ads… (I am pretty certain that Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer did something with that.)

But one of the ones that I thought that I would mention, and one that I have only just recently gotten in to that I thought was a ton of fun… Was the movies having to do with the more modern, ‘Social Media’ based horror movies!

So I have not seen a ton of them, but I have seen a few, and especial the movie, Friend Request (2016).

Friend Request (2016)… A surprisingly fun supernatural horror movie surrounding a group college friends being stalked and murdered through social media!

Ok, I have been one of these people who have kind of resisted more modern horror… I love the more suspenseful side of horror, then I do the blood and gut side of horror (although I do like that to.)

But one side of horror, that I have really enjoyed are supernatural horror movies that has aspects of something that are haunted or use to kill people… Doll (1987)… A highly undervalued and awesome movie about killer dolls is great… And Hellraiser… Need I say more!

And I have to say… Social Media… Kind of brilliant… I mean the idea that some one could stalk you on social media and then destroy you in the real world… Kind of terrifying yeah? And the idea of supernatural stuff coming out of your facebook page… Yikes!

Check these out! Here is some of what I mean!

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