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Spidey Swings Out Of His Release Date!

Spider-Man & Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming

That’s right folks it looks like according to ScienceFiction.com

Well with the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic having shut down most of the planet, and with hollywood pushing back their release dates of almost everything… It does look like the 3rd in the Tom Holland (Doolittle) franchise will also be pushed back!

Now originally this movie was supposed to be released in July 2021… Now it is supposed to be released in November 2021!

Not a big bump right… Nothing to worry about right? Well when you consider the fact that most of the world is still in lockdown for the forseeable future… We will see…

But the good news is, is that with the cast set to reprise their roles, and the filmmakers in negotiations… And with this being an MCU film… It is sure to be good!

For more information on this growing franchise, please enjoy these trailers for the first two Spider-Man movies!

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