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St. Agatha (2018) – Horror Movie Review

These certainly are not your traditional women of god!

So when it comes to horror movies I have come to discover that there truly does seem to be quite a few variations of sub-genres of these series that I like!

A lot of them are exploitation sub-genres that are a ton of fun! Including: ‘Revengeploitation’, ‘Naziploitation’, etc…

And one of that I have recently discovered for a movie I found to be an absolute ton of fun… ‘Nunploitation’!

Now just in brief what nunploitation is in regards to movies happens to be when in a horror movie, the villains are evil nuns! You know what? St. Agatha (2018) maybe the first one that I have seen, but it is still truly a ton of fun!

Written by: Andy Demetrio (Startrek: Into Darkness), Shaun Fletcher (Trust Issues), Sara Sometti Michaels (The Photographer), Clint Sears (Tales Of Halloween) & Directed by: Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II). Starring: Sabrina Kern (Pretty Hurts), Carolyn Hennesy (Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines), Courtney Halverson (Unfriended), Lindsay Seim (Insidious: Chapter 2), Hannah Fierman (American Hell), Trin Miller (Strollers), Justin Miles (The Crazies), Jayson Warner Smith (The Walking Dead), Shaun Fletcher (Exist 13), Marsha Fee Burger (The Test), Marilyn Light (Stand Your Ground), Candy Rancor (24: Legacy) & Maximus Murrah (Postal).

So this brilliant tale is that of a convent that is run by Mother Superior (Played by: Carolyn Hennesy).

Mother Superior with the newly renaimed, ‘Agatha’!

Now this, ‘mother superior’ is not your regular mother superior… You see, her methods are so brutal and so harsh, that her and her entire nunnery were thrown out of the church!

But these god fearing nuns still follow, ‘The Lord’… Or so they would like others to believe!

You see… This wayward nunnery that is out in the middle of nowhere caters to lost girls who are trying to find their way… But in so doing, the convent… To make money sells pregnant girl’s babies… Will do sick and twisted stuff to scare the girls in their charge… Including: Making them eat, ‘puke’… Cutting out there tongues… etc!

This girl is so bad off, she is willing to cut out her own tongue to keep the nuns happy!

But… After the death of her younger brother, ‘William’ (played by: Maximus Murrah,) lost and pregnant, ‘Mary’ (Played by: Sabrina Kern), will find her way to the convent from hell and maybe… Just maybe… Stop Mother Superior and her group from doing the damage they do… And saving the girls and her baby from living life with some one else!

Now when I first got in to this movie, I got in to this movie, kind of with the idea that it would be a supernatural movie… But it turned out to be so much better!

A lot of the times these types of movies… Especially the more modern types of these movies tend to have small waisted, big breasted women that can’t act worth a shit… But this movie had some beautiful women… That really made this movie just truly amazing!

Some of the beautiful real women of, ‘St. Agatha’!

And the concept behind brutal nuns… I have not really seen any of these movies before and I have to admit that it was a pretty fun, very novel concept!

Anyway… Whether or not you are a horror fan, I highly recommend checking this out, I really enjoyed it… And in truth, I think you will to!

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