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Star Trek (2009) – Sci-Fi Movie Review

The reboot series had a truly great start!

Star Trek… Ok, so most people at this point I would say either recognize this series for the work that J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) did in creating the reboot series… Or the amazing history that has been entertaining audiences all over the world for literally decades!

And speaking of the J.J. Abrams vehicle series… I will say that for myself, I have pretty much enjoyed the first one… But for some reason the quality seems to have diminished quite a bit… But the reboot series really helped bring back to prominence such an amazing historically memorable and important series had!

And where as with the loss of Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) and Chris Hemsworth (Avengers) for Star Trek 4… And with Paramount’s desire to start bringing the original universe back to life… That the reboot universe maybe on its way out… But you know what? If it is? Then it did it’s job, and did it’s job admirably… And started with the aptly named: Star Trek (2009)!

Written by: Roberto Orci (Revenge Of The Fallen), Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy) & Directed by: J.J. Abrams. Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto (Heroes), Leonard Nimoy (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), Eric Bana (Hulk), Karl Urban (Doom), Zoe Saldana (Guardians Of The Galaxy), Simon Pegg (Shaun Of The Dead), John Cho (The Exorcist), Bruce Greenwood (I, Robot), Anton Yelchin (Fright Night) & Chris Hemsworth.

“Don’t pander to me, kid. One tiny crack in the hull and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait’ll you’re sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles, see if you’re still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding. Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” – Leonard McCoy (A quote by: Karl Urban, from the movie, Star Trek (2009).)

Now before I being with the story, let me tell you, when that beyond anything by today’s standards, one of the greatest things about this movie is the fact that back then, this movie so completely not only brought the story of, ‘Star Trek’ back to life, but it also seemlessly and surprisingly logically ended the older universe with grace and brought us to what the new timeline has since brought us!

The reboot effectively ended the original series quite nicely!

What I mean by this is this… Ok, so roughly the day that the future Captain James T. Kirk (Played by: Chris Pine) is about to be born, a strange unusually large, and unknown designed ship comes out of nowhere and attacks the U.S.S. Kelvin!

Now the Kelvin is greviously outmatched… And the new ship is able to destroy the ship so easily, so laughably overwhelmingly quickly, that about the only thing that the Kelvin is able to do is to allow time for the shuttle craft to get to safety! And the way that this occurs, is that Kirk’s father sacrifices himself by trying to destroy the unknown ship by destroying the Kelvin in an effort to slow down or destroy the more advanced ship.

Decades later, when Kirk would have had the career he had been supposed to have had in this universe and had in the previous time line.

The death of George Kirk will change the life of his son, ‘Jim Kirk’ forever!

Kirk still loves space, but he is more of a drifter… A roughneck who drinks alot, and is basically allowing the legacy that his father had left him, to go to shit!

That is until Captain Christopher Pike (Played by: Bruce Underwood) find Kirk in a bar and persuades him to join Star Fleet!

And thus begins the adventure that would bring him together with the likes of the senior staff he was always meant to have, (I,e, ‘Spock’, ‘McCoy’, ‘Sulu,’ ‘Chekov’, ‘Uhura’ & ‘Scotty’!)

And will also help Kirk confront what needs to about his past in the hopes of becoming the man of legend!

The bridge of the new, ‘Starship Enterprise’!

Now this series, even if it dies out, was truly amazing! And honestly… I think the thing I liked best about this movie and the series in general, that it did a surprisingly great job updating the series so that it looked more realistic then what was available in the 60s… While keeping everything that made the 60s tv show great!

And then at this point, the next thing that I wanted to mention that I really liked is the completely original story line! Star Trek 2… Good movie… But what it lacked was total originality… And this movie did it amazingly well!

Now the final thing that I wanted to mention… Is that where as it would have been cool to have William Shatner (Kingdom Of The Spiders) come back and reprise his role as an older, ‘Captain Kirk’, I will be honest and say that I think having Leonard Nimoy come back as an older, ‘Spock’ was the much better, more logical choice, (especially when you consider that at this point in the original continuity, Kirk is dead.)

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend checking this oone out! It is well worth it!

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