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Star Trek: Picard… An Unfortunate Walk Down Memory Lane!

The nostalgia of Star Trek: Picard is fun… but the show just doesn’t have enough going for it yet!

Ok, so I don’t generally tend to do news that goes in to the TV element… But since Star Trek hits both mediums, and especially, ‘TNG’ I thought… Well what the hell!

And these maybe the thoughts held by one writer over at scifimoviepage.com, but it seems to be the general opinion held by the Trek community… Check it out:

When Star Trek Piard first got announced, Patrick Stewart was talking a lot about how the show was would be a ten hour-long movie, and that’s what we got. The problem is, its not a great movie, it feels more like something created by committee. A production designed to hit on all the right politically correct notes and offend no one,  The series narrative portrays Picard as an aging futuristic Don Quixote tilting at windmills in a search for redemption. This is a story that felt like a somewhat contrived excuse for what is undeniably a sentimental journey without much in the way of merit outside accomplishing that almost purely emotional goal. Star Trek: Picard has some enjoyable moments partially because hey, it’s Trek, which means outer space adventure, spaceships, aliens, and a portrayal of humanity’s future among the stars; it’s just nice to visit the Trek universe again on occasion. Yes, it was fun to see all the old TNG characters drop in for a visit, but the series also had the effect of reminding some of us fans that we got old and using the show’s cast as a mirror shows the passage of time has been kinder to some of us than others.

I’m generally a glass-half-full kind of guy, and I feel like there’s something good in every ever production, but if I had to choose one word to describe my opinion of this series, that word would be disappointing. There’s simply not enough good material here to offset the stuff that doesn’t work. For example, the show fails to conjure any truly engaging and enjoyable characters. Of all the returning characters, Seven Of Nine and Ryker worked the best, the rest not so much. Picard’s traveling companions, the series regulars, are not that appealing or exciting. Also, overall, the series creators failed to flesh this universe out in a satisfying and engaging manner, resulting in the series feeling like a trip down memory lane trying to be more than that and falling short of that goal. There’s a concerted attempt to ie this show some heart that ends up feeling hollow. Star Trek: Picard felt like a sentimental journey in search of a soul. Let’s hope Kurtzman and friends get it right next time. In the meantime, production on Star Trek Discovery season 3 has wrapped, and the series is scheduled to stream sometime this year. Although no specific date has gotten announced yet, I did see an announcement on TV just the other day saying it will arrive soon.

Now for me personally… Picard felt like Star Trek: Insurrection felt… A good movie, but probably the worst in the franchise… And Star Trek: Picard… While definitely worth watching, is not one of, ‘In my opinion’, best of the franchise either…; for more information check out these trailer for Star Trek with Picard in the past and present!

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