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Survival Of The Dead (2009) – Horror Movie Review

This living dead girl is taking giving a, ‘hicky’ to a whole new level!

George A. Romero (Day Of The Dead: Bloodline)… To tell you the truth, this guy was an absolutely amazing filmmaker… It seems like most of what he is known for is his work making the Zombie franchise what it has become… But you know, George A. Romero has been making some truly amazing, ‘B’ horror movie like, Martin (1977!

With that said though… The truth is, is he is best known for his work re-inventing the Zombie horror movie… As a matter of fact, the type of work that he did, was so prolific, that if you know his work, then you can probably tell that almost every Zombie movie since then has used his style of filmmaking in one capacity or another!

Now he has done alot of great Zombie films… And although this is not in the same caliber as the rest of the, ‘Dead’ series… Survival Of The Dead (2009), is surprisingly pretty good!

Written and Directed by: George A. Romero. Starring: Alan Van Sprang (Diary Of The Dead), Kenneth Welsh (Time Cop), Kathleen Munroe (Elsewhere), Richard Fitzpatrick (The Boondock Saints) & Athena Karkanis (Saw 4).

“Last time anyone counted, fifty-three million people were dying every year, a hundred-fifty thousand every day, a hundred and seven every minute, and that was in normal times. ” – Sarge Nicotine Crockett (A quote by: Alan Van Sprang from, Survival Of The Dead (2009).)

Alright, so this movie is a sequel, and I haven’t seen the first one yet, so I don’t know if this movie has any connection at all to the original, ‘Dead Series’ or not… But it is still great either way!

Survival Of The Dead (2009) is the sequel to Diary Of The Dead (2007).

In this case, this movie tells about what happens after the events of, Diary Of The Dead (2007). And in this case the soldiers from the previous movie have continued on with their seeming, thieving ways from the previous movies… That is until they come across a convoy of hunters out hunting the dead!

You see, after they despatch with the hunters, the soldiers come across this boy who has a cellphone that still seems to have a connection to the internet… And he is trying to get to an island off the coast of Delaware… Now that the boy has joined the soldiers… And the soldiers have all agreed, they decide to head out to the island…

Well little do they know, that island has been populated, (half by, ‘Muldoons’ and half by, ‘O’Flynns’.) Now these two warring families have been fighting for a long time before the out break began… And where as the O’Flynn clan wanted to destroy the Zombie curse… Muldoon (played by: Richard Fitzpatrick) wanted to save those he thought of as sick!

The O’Flynn clan on the hunt.

And with the soldiers in the middle of this clan war… It will be up to them to to stop this war, before the Zombie hordes that Muldoon has locked up, get out and destroy this potentially idyllic place to restart civilization!

In the end, this movie is fun… The only thing I didn’t like was the dialogue for Alan Van Sprangs character… It seemed a little to over the top even for B Movie standards… And the other question I do have, is, ‘is this movie connected to the other dead series?’ or did George A. Romero try to remake his series fresh?

Either way, it has just about all of the elements that makes Romero zombie films great, and is quite well worth checking out… And if you have a chance, I highly recommend doing so!

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