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The Basement (2018) – Horror Movie Review

This guitarist is in for a night he will never forget!

Ok, so this may sound a little weird, coming from an ultimate horror fan… Although I do enjoy it… I am not a huge fan of the blood and gut horror movies!

Now I have to be honest, I prefer the suspenseful horror movies over the classic blood and gut variety… One of the times though that i do love the blood and gut films… Is when the story line is much more complete then just some one filming a pool filling with blood!

I will go in to that a little further on down the way in this review, but largely it is the reason why I did not like the movie, The Basement (2018)!

Had so much potential… But just ended up being disappointing!

Written and Directed by: Nathan Ives (A Christmas In New York) & Brian M. Conley (About Us). Starring: Jackson Davis (Deserted), Cayleb Long (Straight Up), Mischa Barton (Spree), Bailey Anne Borders (Raze) & Sarah Nicklin (Nun Of That).

In this movie a seemingly innocent man (played by Cayleb Long) is abducted by a notorious L.A. serial killer (played by: Jackson Davis) who forces his victims to role-play with him so that he can enact his capture, torture and murder fantasies.

Now the truth is, is this movie kind of pissed me off! It had all of the great makings of an awesome psychological thriller horror movies!

1: A talented cast.

2: Almost no special effects.

3: Brilliant direction.

But what was missing… And this does appear to happen from time to time… It is a trap that more of the modern horror movies some times fall in to… Where the story vanishes while the movie becomes not much different then some one filling up a pool with fake blood…

I mean seriously… Who the hell is this woman?

Also it has Mischa Barton for some reason!

Now the first bit of the movie is really worth watching but if you want a movie with a tremendously disappointing ending, then check out this one for sure!

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