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The Dystopian Future In Movies: A Great Time Had By All!

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)… A fantastic dystopian movie!

So before I begin, for those of you who don’t actually know what I mean by a, ‘Dystopian Future’. A Dystopian Future is a future where some sort of man made or artificial catastrophe has caused damage so severe that most of the time any part of humanity that actually survives this apocalypse… Most of them are fighting for whatever resources are left.

Of course, some great examples of this are

  1. Lunar Cop (1995).
  2. Waterworld (1996).
  3. Damnation Alley (1977).

Of course a lot of the older movies are pretty amazebomb… Modern movies generally tend to add a lot of CGI to there movies and where as the special effects are usually pretty good, the more] modern versions of these movies tend to loose something in the translation with the acting and writing!

Now why are such horrible futures so entertaining?

A dystopian future where men and women have to fight to the death for the amusement of others.

Well first off, I think that they are entertaining because of the potential realism the comes with these movies… The world today generally tends to be a very fucked up place… (Sad to say, but it is true!)

There is always a war going on some where on the planet, and thanks to the manmade catastrophes like, ‘Global Warming’ and stuff like that… Despite efforts to stop it… We are still in the slow descent in to creating a wasteland of this planet!

But there is something a little desensitizing, and maybe making it a little not so bad seeing other people go through it, and seeing it done in such a way that shows people how this stuff could be possible.

Damnation Alley, a great example of a movie about a dystopian future!

And then the next thing that I wanted to say is that with most dystopian movies in some capacity or another having to do with an ecological or military catastrophe on a global level… There is something about seeing these things on the big screen that can warn people about impending doom… I first discovered global warming in my teens when I watching an old Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist) movie, The Fire Next Time (1993).

Whatever reason you enjoy it… They are just fun, they got some great, believable stories that will keep you interested, and on your feet… For more information, check out these awesome trailers

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