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The Fly (1986) – Horror/Sci-Fi Movie Review

A great movie that is an awesome remake of a classic Vincent Price film from the 1950s!

Ok, so I am going to say that most modern remakes basically suck… A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) is considered to be one of the worst remakes to have ever come out, despite the fact that the series it is trying to recreate is considered to be one of the best horror franchises of all time!

With that said, as weird as this sounds, remakes have not always started out as the garbage that they portray themselves to be! As a matter of fact there are some remakes that are considered to be top drawer Horror and Science Fiction movies! The Thing (1982) and another is, The Fly (1986)!

Written by: Charles Edward Pogue (Psycho 3), David Cronenberg (Dead Ringers) & Directed by: David Cronenberg. Starring: Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park), Geena Davis (Stuart Little), John Getz (Zodiac), Joy Boushel (Quest For Fire) & George Chuvalo (Space Fury).

“You have to leave now, and never come back here. Have you ever heard of insect politics? Neither have I. Insects… don’t have politics. They’re very… brutal. No compassion, no compromise. We can’t trust the insect. I’d like to become the first… insect politician. Y’see, I’d like to, but… I’m afraid, uh…” – Seth Brundle (A quote by: Jeff Goldblum from the classic horror movie: The Fly (1982).)

Ok so this movie tells the interesting story of Doctor Seth Brundle (Played by: Jeff Goldblum), his pride and joy… And the investigative journalist he falls for!

Seth Brundle and Veronica Quaife before his transformation began!

You see, Seth Brundle is sort of an eccentric scientist who essentially works from home, and works on projects that generally tend to go past the standards and beliefs of the rest of the scientific community!

Now the guy is pretty brilliant, but is unrecognized… So he woos investigative journalist, ‘Veronica Quaife’ (Played by: Geena Davis) in an effort to get recognition for his work… But before his work can truly be recognized, something really wrong happens!

I just realized that I have not mentioned the invention that Dr. Brundle is working on… But basically the project he is working on happens to be a matter transportation device (Think Star Trek’s, ‘Transporter’ if it had been invented in the 1980s!)

The matter transportation device.

With that said, though, Seth decides to push the bound of Scientific knowledge by ending off animal transportation, and jump to human trials… But when he does so, a fly accidentally transports with him…

Now because this foreign DNA has been introduced, it begins to change Seth in ways that he could never imagine… And if, (with the help of his now girlfriend, ‘Veronica’,) he can’t figure out how to reverse the changes the fly DNA is doing to his DNA… Seth may become the first of a new species of sentient flies on Earth!

Ok the truth is, is this movie is a ton of fun and is one of the great remakes to come out in the 1980s!

Both great films!

First off… The cast… 80s/90s A-listers Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in the early parts of their careers… You can see that they really bring their A-Games to the roles!

Second: David Cronnenberg… Every movie I have seen where this guy has either been the filmmaker or was an actor… He is just brilliant!

Third: The Special Effects… The 80s had truly amazing (non-cgi) special effects… And the brilliance of that type of special effects work is very well defined in this movie!

Creating, ‘The Fly’!

The only thing I could say that I think may ultimately be a bit of a turn off (I like it, but it will turn off some people…) Is the fact that this movie is, VERY 80s! Some movies translate very well universally between the decades… And where as I think this movie did a pretty decent job of it… I think it could have been better expounded upon!

Either way, this movie is well worth checking out! It is a fun one, and a relevant horror and science fiction movie… So check it out, I liked it and I think you might like it to!

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