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The Hatred (2017) – Horror Movie Review

The Hatred… A solid scary good time!

World War 2… One of the most brutal wars of all time! It showed the true depths of evil that men can create against their fellow man… And so of course when it comes to the inspiration for some truly violent fun when it comes to horror movies… Naziploitation would be one of the more fascinating sub-genre’s of both horror and exploitation films!

Now before I continue, let me explain that Naziploitation is a movie that exploits Nazis in some capacity, and is mostly in some way about Nazis or the Nazi cause.

And well if you are like me, a true horror afficiando… Even if you are not a fan of Nazis in the real world, or what they did… You will still find horror movies about them, ‘whether it be about Nazis as zombies, or in the more supernatural aspects’… They sure are a ton of fun!

And honestly, The Hatred (2017) is one of those movies that may not be a Naziploitation film… But it sure is a ton of fun!

Written And Directed By: Michael G. Kehoe (The Art Of A Bullet). Starring: Sarah Davenport (Bodysnatch), Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), Darby Walker (Moxie & Marlow), Nina Siemaszko (Airheads), Shae Smolik (The Sandman), Gabrielle Bourne (Pitch), Bayley Corman (Christmas In Angel Falls), Alisha Wainwright (Just Before I Go), David Naughton (An American Werewolf In London) & Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare On Elm Street).

So this movie starts off in the 1950s in the middle of the heartland of America, and the family of Samuel Sears (Played by: Andrew Divoff,) are farmers who live a very secluded life… To the point where Samuel takes great pains to ensure that his family not only never goes it’s seperate way… But that they never actually ever leave the farm!

You see, Samuel used to be a high ranking member of the Nazi party during the war… But when the Nazis lost the war… Samuel managed to escape the aftermath, and settled down as a farmer in America, and started a family… And became a high ranking memeber of the Nazi underground. His role in the newish underground was to hide and protect artifacts that used to belong to Hitler and the Nazi party!

This former Nazi official would rather kill his daughter than let them get captured and tell the authorites where he is!

So of course, when he got a magic medallion from the underground, he immediately hides it!

Now one day his daughter decides that she wants to go in to town… Well of course Samuel can’t allow this, and ends up killing his daughter… (Talk about overkill… Am I right?)

This ends up with his wife being so distraught that a few months after his daughters death, his wife finally has enough and decides to kill her husband…

After this, she abandons the farm and starts a new life elsewhere… And so the farm stays that way for several decades.

One of the first people to stay at the farm since the fateful day!

Cut ahead to the present and a nice couple with their daughter have bought the abandoned farm at a steal, and decide to let the adult daughter, ‘Regan’ (Played by: Sarah Davenport) of the family and her friends stay their before they open it up as a bed and breakfast… So long as they watch their teen daughter…

So the women go up to the farm to enjoy their vacation… But spectors of the past have another idea… It looks maybe Samuel has decided to come and join the party… And maybe see to it that the girls time at his farm is something they will never live down… Literally!

Samuel and some friends have come to show these girls a time they will never forget!

Now this movie is a ton of fun! It does have a Nazi angle… But what I really like about it… Is the supernatural aspect to it… What I mean is that I have not seen a Nazi horror movie that was more supernatural, then Zombie… And it really worked!

I also have to admit that I thought that it was pretty cool to see David Naughton and Amanda Wyss, as well as Andrew Divoff in this… They are kind of really old School… And you know… In indie horror movies… You don’t see such talent in these movies… I mean maybe one of the bigger names in horror, but having 3 in their was pretty cool!

Anyway, if you do have a chance to check this one out, I highly recommend doing so, it is a ton of fun!

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