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The Last Gasps Of Fox’s ‘Marvel Line Up’ Will Be Coming To Theaters In 2020 – #Scifi #Movie #News

New Mutants may have been shelved back when it was still a, ‘Fox’ vehicle, but it looks like Disney is giving it new life!

That’s right folks, it looks like this borderline horror movie style Marvel extension of it’s franchise, which had been shelved after completing primary filming, maybe getting it’s turn on the big screen after all!

According to: ScienceFiction.com.

With Disney having bought Fox and all of it’s properties, their line up of upcoming movies has become so big, that some things have changed, somethings have been dropped, but it looks like a forgotten entry in Fox’s marvel past maybe hitting theaters soon!

With re-shoots still needed and final completion of the film to be made… It appears that Disney has actually decided to add, ‘New Mutants’… The last gasp of Fox’s MCU to their roster of movies coming up next year!

Stay tuned for more information as we get it!

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