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The Legacy Of The, ‘Tall Man’

Angus Scrimm as, ‘The Tall Man’ in the first, ‘Phantasm’ movie.

So one of the great things about being a villain in a horror movie is that if the movie is very well recieved and goes to franchise status, then for all time you will always be remembered for the great work you did in that franchise and alot of the other work that you have done as well!

A couple of great examples of this are:

1: Kane Hodder (The Friday The 13th franchise.) even though Kane Hodder was in the middle batch of movies, the work that he did for the friday the 13th franchise was so amazing that even to this day, there are calls for his return!

Kane Hodder may not be the first Jason Voorhees, but he sure is the best!

2: Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise).

Ok so if you know this franchise, then you know that basically, when, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ was remade in 2010, it was considered to be one of the worst of the franchise, because Robert Englund is basically Freddy Krueger for fans, for all time!

And Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) as, ‘The Tall Man’ in the Phantasm franchise is another one!

The Tall Man, would help define Angus Schrimm’s career.

Having gotten his start in the 1970s, Angus Scrimm got his start like most actors… He got his start doing bit parts in mostly tv and short films… As a matter of fact, not only would it not be till 1979 when he got his big chance and not only did he go for it, but it would define his career for basically all time!

You see, in 1979 Don Coscarelli (The Beastmaster) cast Mr. Scrimm in the now classic horror movie franchise, ‘Phantasm’ as the mortician from hell, ‘The Tall Man’

This is something that Mr. Scrimm said about the role:

 I like the idea that people think that I give myself so totally to the character. The horror side of this character is a fascinating one to explore. It’s so totally unlike my true nature that it’s fun to submerge myself in the Tall Man and see what develops. – Angus Scrimm (when talking about his role as, ‘The Tall Man’.)

Mr. Scrimm has done many great horror movies and tv shows since… Mostly b-movie work that rocks, including: ‘Alias’ with Jennifer Garner (Daredevil), as well as, ‘Vampirella’ directed by horror movie legend: Jim Wynorski (Camel Spiders) and so much more!

And Phantasm would not be the last time he would play, ‘The Tall Man’… As a matter of fact, with the exception of Reggie Bannister (Necronaut)… Angus Schrimm was the only actor to appear in every Phantasm movie!

And this gets to the crux of it, the legacy… My thoughts… You could let the franchise die… But it is a solid franchise, and the best way to remember such a prolific actor would be to maintain it!

Find a way to continue the, ‘Tall Man’s’ legacy!

You could remake it, but that is just stupid!

My thought is to reboot it… Give it a solid story that reboots the franchise, and do so with the charcters that are still around… And then give the Tall Man a legacy with a franchise that continues in it’s original form for a long time!

For more information on Angus Schrimm and his work as the, ‘Tall Man’ please check out this selection of his awesome movie videography!

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