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The Plague: Five Great Zombie Movies To Watch While You Are Stuck At Home!

Karen from, Night Of The Living Dead (1968)… This is one of the most classic images of zombies in film in history!

Ok, so I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite types of horror movie monsters out there are Zombies… I love them! Vampire’s are cool and sometimes sexy…

But honestly, Zombies are kind of like bulldozers going up against people with squirt guns… And then having those people start driving more bulldozers against more people with squirt guns!

And these people who are trying to stop them and the stories that develop… In my opinion are a ton of fun!

A scene from, Dawn Of The Dead (1978)… In which two cops after abandoning their posts become fast friends in the global apocalypse!

And since most movies define Zombies as a, ‘Virus’, I thought it might be fun to do a list of five great zombie movies to watch while you are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic!

5: Night Of The Comet (1984).

4: Re-Animator (1985).

3: Return Of The Living Dead (1985).

2: Night Of The Living Dead (1968).

1: Dawn Of The Dead (1978).

There are a ton of other ones out there that are just as good, but these are just a few that I thought that you guys might like!

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