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The Prowler (1981) – Horror Movie Review

I think this Soldier has the wrong idea of who to kill and who to protect!

Ok, so I am just going to say it… As far as the horror genre goes… 80s slasher movies are absolutely truely amazing! Beyond the adrenaline factor that comes from watching a great horror movie in general… There is something else that is truly amazing about slasher movies from the 80s!

Now this doesn’t always happen, but for the most part there is usually a story behind what is happening (and if it is a franchise it is that connection point I think that generally bounds a movie series together pretty nicely!)

And where as The Prowler (A.K.A,. Rosemary’s Killer) does not do it completely, they do it so well that anything missed in the overall back story, connects both stories very well!

Written by: Glenn Leopold (Too Scared To Scream), Neal Barbera (Rock Odyssey) & Directed by: Joseph Zito (Bloodrage). Starring: Vicky Dawson (Carbon Copy), Christopher Goutman (Bosom Buddies), Lawrence Tierney (Born To Kill) & Farley Granger (Rope).

“It’s… that damn graduation thing. We haven’t had any trouble in that cottage for more than 30 years… now somebody has to start that damn thing over again.” – Pat Kingsley (A quote from John Seitz (G.I. Jane) from the movie, The Prowler (1981).)

Getting a, ‘Dear John’ letter is one of the hardest things for anyone to get… And a Dear John letter is how this all got started… You see, an unbalanced soldier fighting in world war 2 got one from his sweetheart and decides to take it up with her when he gets home!

I’ll bet she really regrets giving the soldier a, ‘Dear John’ Letter!

You see, when he gets home he murders a couple in a gazebo during a graduation party!

Now 35 years later, the graduation dance has been canced for decades… But when one enterprising student decides to put the dance back on… People start getting concerned and deaths start to occur!

Is this the same gilted lover from 35 years ago, reliving the day he murdered his girlfriend? Or is this some one who has decided to follow in the now old murderer’s footsteps?

This killer really does not like this dance!

In the end, this is a great B movie… The acting is great, with B-Team talent, the story is surprisingly well thought out… And lets be honest, it is a low budget horror movie… Which of course means that this movie has great special effects!

The only two things that I can see as being a problem.

  1. For me, and I can’t explain to you why it is a problem without giving away a key element of the story… But this movie should have had a sequel! (Watch it… I think you will see what I mean!)
  2. For people who are not B movie fans… I can see why they may not like this film… I am not one of them… But I could see how this movie may not be for them!

Either way, check out this film it is worth it! Trust me!

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