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The Siren Used To Signal The Start Of, ‘The Purge’ Used To Announce Curfew!

The siren used announce the commencement of the Purge in the series of the same name also used by some one in Louisiana!

That’s right folks! What a time to be in Louisiana! You see according to Variety, the Crowley Louisiana City Officials in an effort to help curb the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID 19), had decided to setup a curfew that starts at 9PM, and goes till 6AM!

Except, a siren that was used to initiate the, ‘Purge’ in the popular horror movie series was used to announce the start of the curfew for the little town in Louisiana!

Here is a video of the siren going off the other night!

Now for those who don’t know what the movie series is about… Essentially it is about one twelve hour period every year where all crime, (no matter how violent, is legal!)

After the incident, police officials went on record to sort of, ‘apologize’ and let the community over there know that the authorities were not responsible for the siren that caused the police to receive a bunch of noise complaints!

For more information on the, ‘Purge’ franchise, please check out these trailers!

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