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Top 5 Horror Movie Royalty

4 out of 5 of the horror movie royalty… Most all of them (with the exception of Michael Myers) got their start in the 80s!

So even though it is not as highly regarded as say, ‘The Super Hero’ genre, or the, ‘Action’ genre… Horror has had just as long, and just as prestigious a history as some of the older, more respected genres out there today!

And one thing that horror seems to have mastered (almost more so than any other genre) is the ability to create horror movie villains that are so well loved, that decades after their inception, people are still hoping to see their next sequel, no matter how good or bad it is!

And so I thought that you guys would enjoy this top 5 list horror movie royalty!

5. Pinhead (Hellraiser).

Doug Bradley as, ‘Pinhead’ in Hellraiser 2

Originally billed as, ‘Lead Cenobite’… Pinhead has done his job very expertly… He has shown the viewer the most deepest elements of pleasure and pain in the movies that he is in, while tearing the soul of the lead actor or actress apart!

Now between the 1980s to about 1996, with the release of, Hellraiser: Bloodlines… This movie franchise remained at the top of the heap in A-list horror movies! But when the new millennium hit… The team that makes these movies decided to take a decidely different turn… And really cornered the B-Movie market, with straight to DVD B-Movies that… Well until, ‘Hellworld’ got progressively weirder and weirder… And considering the type of franchise thise movie is… Better and better… And Pinhead… More and more became the figurehead of legends!

4. Chucky (Child’s Play).

‘Chucky’ from Child’s Play 2!

Chucky… The prennial killer who is desperate to get out of that damn doll… He has maintained a strong cult following (That includes your’s truly…)

Besides a few dud’s a while back… This villains has managed to maintain strong interest, rather he be going after a new body in the B-Movie world, or in the A-list horror world of the late 80s – early 90s!

3. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street).

Freddy Krueger from, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’!

Ok, so like most people I would love to see Freddy come back… The problem with that… The guy who made this killer, horror movie royalty is getting older!

I hate to say it… I love Robert Englund’s body of work… And I always thought he made a great Freddy Krueger… But the first movie came out almost 35 years ago! And I have to agree with Mr. Englund… He is to old to do much more with Freddy Krueger!

With that said… A Nightmare On Elm Street has continued to maintain a strong audience following… And I think we can all agree, if there is a way to masterfully retire Robert Englund from the role… And bring in some one who can adequately replace him… That series could continue on almost indefinitely!

2. Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th).

Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame!

Ok… Jason Voorhees is one of those characters that just doesn’t die! And I think we can all agree that, that is a good thing!

Besides the fact that the slow moving Zombie knows how to make killing his latest victim so suspense filled… The other thing that I like is that he has done in Friday The 13th, he has managed to keep alive the ‘Summer Camp Slasher’ genre that was big in the 80s and almost completely dead in modern horror alive!

And trust me when I say if you are like me and grew up watching summer camp slasher horror movies… You are going to want them… They are so good! And Jason Voorhees did a great job keeping them alive… And will continue to do so after his franchise gets out of legal hell!

And finally at number 1: Michael Myers (Halloween).

So in alot of respects, John Carpenter (Escape From New York) created Halloween at the most ideal time… At that time horror movies were a very different beast… They had a ton of great supernatural horror films… But the slasher genre that had been made popular by Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo) with, Psycho (1960) had been all but non-existent at that point.

Not only did he ressurect the slasher genre… But he re-invented it in such a way that would make it uber popular pretty much among horror fans forever… And Michael Myers one of the first true Horror movie royalty that cannot be stopped! And trust me when I say, he has tried!

There is a ton of great horror movie villains out there, but in my opinion, these guys are definitely the top 5!

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