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Understanding The Halloween Movie Timeline.

Michael Myers is one of the most prolific horror movie villains of all time… Halloween is one of the greatest horror movie s of all time… But the timelines are messed up!

Ok, so for most of us, we all kind of get that for the past bunch of decades, that the entire story of the Halloween franchise constantly gets retconned!

Laurie Strode (Played by: Jamie Lee Curtis) has been killed in a couple of different story lines… In two story lines Laurie Strode has a daughter, ‘Jamie Lloyd’ (Played by: Danielle Harris) and, ‘Karen Strode’ (Played by: Judy Greer)… And then in one time line she has a son, ‘John Tate’ (Played by: Josh Hartnett)!

There is a lot of stuff like that… And so I thought that you guys might like me to dissect the franchise and give the individual time lines as they are!

Laurie Strode’s children from two different timelines.
And her daughter in the most recent timeline!

Timeline 1: The original timeline, (This is the original time line of the franchise minus Halloween 3.)

Halloween (1978).

Halloween 2 (1981).

This original time line brought an earlier conclusion to the series, but gave a satisfying conclusion to the night Michael Myers came home!

Timeline 2: The Jamie Lloyd timeline, (This timeline was created after the massive success of the first two Halloween movies but the massive box office disappointment of the third movie.)

Halloween (1978).

Halloween 2 (1981).

Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers (1988).

Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers (1989).

Halloween 6; The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995).

I personally enjoyed this timeline, and tried to connect these movies to the next time line… But that is not official, and will be for another blog.

Timeline 3: The Kari Tate Timeline (This timeline… meh… most of the movies after part 2 get weaker and weaker… And I feel was the studios attempts to cash in on the franchise.)

Halloween (1978).

Halloween 2 (1981).

Halloween: H20 (1998).

Halloween: Resurrection (2002).

This brings Laurie Strode full circle… And gave us the brief world of her, ‘Son’…

Timeline 4: The, ’Remake’ timeline (These are the Rob Zombie (House Of 1,000 Corpses) movies… And despite what most people think, they are pretty good.)

Halloween (2007).

Halloween 2 (2009).

Timeline 5: The Current timeline (Ok so this is the current timeline for the franchise…)

Halloween (1978).

Halloween (2018).

More to come…

Now I did not count Halloween 3: Season Of the Witch (1982)… It is a great film, but since it is made outside of the world of Michael Myers, and has no sequel for that film… that one I am not counting… But I do hope this makes sense and helps!

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