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Viewers Claim Seeing Demons After Watching New Netflix Movie, ‘Eli’

Netflix’s new movie, ‘Eli’ has people seeing, ‘demons’!

That’s right folks. according to: NME

After major streaming media provider, ‘Netflix’ released their most recent horror movie, ‘Eli’… People got so spooked that some claimed to see demons and other strange phenomena!

Here is what one twitter user had to say:

“I just watched Eli on Netflix and I SWEAR I’m seeing demons out of the corner of my eyes – HELP!”

Now Eli tells the story about a boy who due to an auto-immune disease has had to live in a bubble all of his life… But when he regains his mobility due to a special suit that is made for him and medical experimentation, strange things begin to happen!

For more information on this movie please check out the trailer below:

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